Award Winning Interior Design

LEONARD MARTINI specializes in hospitality design throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands as well as luxury residential design across Southern Africa, from South Africa into Botswana and Namibia.

At LEONARD MARTINI our design ethos goes far beyond what meets the eye.  We understand that the world and its consumers have changed and, as such, clients are looking for added luxury of the finest detail and an authentic design experience.  We believe that, by partnering with our clients and understanding their vision, we are able to create truly unique spaces that touch not only the eye, but also the soul.

Our approach to the design process is quite unique.  We consider our team as being foremost specialist creative spatial consultants,  focusing on two essential factors:  Making the best use of space through innovation and technology and;  Identifying how to appropriate the design budget in order to add the most value to your investment.

For this reason it was no coincidence that, when partnering with the Pioneer Group on a Cape Town based project, we won a design award for the best interior design within a small space.  Design, innovation and a team that can execute with precision is what LEONARD MARTINI brings to all of our projects.

Leigh Leonard

Leigh has 20 years experience in specialist interior design and creative spacial consulting.  Her portfolio includes project management and design of lodges and boutique hotels throughout the African continent as well as luxury residential properties.

Tamlin G Martini

Tamlin has over 15 years experience in the fashion and design world and has worked in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and the Middle East.  Her passion for the creative process coupled with luxury brand management lead her to make the natural progression from fashion to interiors.

What our Clients Say